Pay per click management

Pay Per Click Management or (PPC) is one of the most commonly used marketing methods today. Why? Because if you invest and do it properly the results always follow. The fact that Google generates over 90% of its revenue through online advertising is more than enough to conclude that PPC is viable for generating leads and increasing website traffic.

There is one problem with PPC campaigns though. Seduced by the powerful benefits it offers, many marketers jump straight into it with no knowledge of proper PPC campaign management. This is a recipe for PPC campaign failure. This is why besides the benefits of good PPC management we’ve decided to share with you the best PPC management practices.

The Benefits of Good Pay Per Click Management

Structured, well-planned and executed PPC management will help you achieve several important things:

Align PPC with Business Goals

A PPC campaign is the marketing method that can be used to contribute to numerous business goals – increased sales, boost website traffic, increase brand awareness, generate leads, and so on.

A PPC campaign is a unique marketing effort because it supports all the stages of the sales funnel, ranging from getting prospects interested to generating sales.

Measure and Track Success

Well-executed PPC management will allow you to measure and track the success of your PPC campaign. You will be able to discover in real-time what the money you invested in marketing is worth. By tracking key performance indicators such as impressions, clicks, and conversions you will know exactly whether everything is going according to plans.

Get Quick Results

Compared to other online marketing methods, PPC is the only one that offers immediate results. As soon as you launch your campaign, the ads will be on the screens of your customers. A few things take some time though, and these are ads and landing page creation.

Gain Full Control of Marketing Efforts

When compared to other marketing options, PPC offers complete control when it comes to deciding how you want to get your message out there and how much money you want to spend. What’s even better, if you see that the campaign is performing poorly, you can make changes on the go and see how they reflect your goals.  

Get Your Hands on Powerful Data

Any PPC campaign will generate very powerful data. With good PPC management, you will be able to salvage this data and use it to create a strategy for your other marketing efforts. For instance, your next content marketing or SEO strategy can be based on the performance of each keyword used in a PPC campaign.

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Targeting and Retargeting Multiple Personas

There is more than one buyer persona in your prospective audience. Good PPC management includes full network coverage, so if one of your ads is performing poorly, you can remarket it, basing the new strategy on past ad behavior or choose to shift the focus to a slightly different audience.

The Best PPC Management Practices

Here are some of the best PPC management practices to follow and ensure your PPC campaign success.

Build a PPC Campaign Structure

Building a Pay Per Click Management campaign structure is the first step of proper PPC management efforts. The PPC campaign structure indicates that you should have more than one running at the same time. With several campaigns containing more Ad Groups and several ads focusing on different keywords.

By doing so, you will increase the scope of your PPC efforts and have better control of your funds. Especially if you are focusing on both branded and generic keywords. Make sure to create caps for your daily budgets and select a target audience for each one of these.

Make Specific Landing Pages

The focus of the next step of proper Pay Per Click Management efforts is your landing pages, or so-called “Destination URL” settings. This one is extremely important as it will directly affect the ROI of your PPC campaign.

It is strongly advised that you avoid using your homepage as a destination URL. In order to increase conversion rates and turn the marginal cost of each PPC visitor into a smart investment, you have to drive those who click on the ad to a landing page. In order to assess your campaign performance, make sure to use tracking tokens, as they will help you determine the location of your leads’ origin.

If you want to get the job done like a pro, make sure to identify which part of the sales funnel you want to affect your landing page. In order to get the biggest bang for our client’s money, we at Pilates SEO manage each part of the funnel differently and through a separate PPC campaign.

Develop a Keyword Strategy

If you want to step up your Pay Per Click Management game, you also have to develop the appropriate keyword strategy. The rule of the thumb is to pick keywords which are relevant to your offer, as well as to your landing pages. If you want to stick to specific keywords, you should create relevant landing pages.

Create More Than One Ad

Creating more than one ad for each Ad Group is very important. With just one ad, you will have your options limited, while with many you will be able to switch between them until you identify the one with the highest click-through rate (CTR). When you are writing titles and text for your ads, make sure to stay within the relevance limits set by your keyword choice and landing pages.

Perform Regular PPC Account Audits

REgular PPC account audits are of the utmost importance. A fresh set of eyes can help you identify which areas deserve immediate attention and provide you with new ideas on how to improve the KPIs.

Here at Pilates SEO, we perform regular PPC account audits to fine-tune PPC campaigns so that our clients can achieve their online goals stress-free.

Pay per click campaign management directly affects the performance of a PPC campaign. With an experienced PPC campaign management team at your disposal, you can experience all the benefits that we’ve talked about and design custom-tailored PPC campaigns to achieve your specific business goals.

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